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Summary0000231: PDF creator plugin
DescriptionHi all,

Current status:
I have had a major setback due to limitations in simplexml forcing me to scrap the code. I have now begun a transition to use PHP's SAX based parser which have a nice benefit: This one can easily be downgraded to PHP4, but also comes with limited encoding support (ISO-8859-1, UTF-8 and US-ASCII) anything besides that needs to be converted somehow. This issue will be dealt with in a later version. The limitation found in simplexml was the inability to work in chungs. eg to be able to use FPDF the code needs to be able to stack up elements since FPDF is constructed in that way that it converts inside out while simplexml works outside in:-\.

One thing needed to be fixed in WackoWiki is the ability to produce valid XHTML!

Problem elements discovered so far:
Missing header <?xml version="1.0" encoding="<encoding>"?>
DOCTYPE declaration must be <!DOCTYPE html ....
meta, link, br and img tags are constructed without end tag

My plugin does take care of this before handing document over to the parser.

As said before. The adaptor using html2ps->ps2pdf is completed but will only work if WackoWiki is installed on GNU/Linux.
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