WackoWiki: History

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WackoWiki was forked from the famous WakkaWiki[link1] engine in 2003 when Hendrik Mans and Carlo Zottmann, the original developers, abandoned it.



Version Release Date Significant changes
2.0 2003-03-25 adds link transliteration for Russian, page deletion, user bookmarks, page watching, print version handler, more powerful diff, include and tree action, enhanced Wakka formatter, English & Russian translations
3.0 2003-04-20 Typografica, multilingual installer, adds support for themes, WackoClusters, TableOfContents action
3.5 2003-06-28 implements page renaming, significant speed-up due caching of wacko-formatted text, In-page anchoring support
4.0 2004-07-31 adds JavaScript-Editor WikiEdit, integrates SafeHTML, new static content cache for unregistered users, implements PEAR Highlighters, adds multilingual support, adds upload feature
4.2 2005-03-27 RSS autodiscovery, PHP 5.0 compatibility, MySQL 4.1 compatibility
4.3.rc 2008-09-28 First bugfix release from new WackoWiki team.
4.3 2011-03-20 adds MySQLi and PDO MySQL support, XML Sitemap, CAPTCHA (freeCap), WikiEdit AutoComplete, new installer, PHP 5.2 compatibility
5.0 2012-04-22 major code refactoring and cleanup, normalizes database, back ports features from openSpace fork, implements PHPMailer, new default theme, PHP 5.3 compatibility
5.1 2012-06-17 removes depreciated R4 legacy code
5.4 2014-04-17 Removes legacy MySQL extension support, PHP 5.4 - 5.5 compatibility
5.5 2018-08-02 Major refactoring of init system, new session handler, new URI router, new template engine, HTML5 support, new php-diff rendering methods, implements auth and form token, adds Bad Behaviour as extension, file link tracking, media link support, uses password_hash() and password_verify() API, PHP 7.0 - 7.4 compatibility
6.0 2019-12-31 Unicode support, UTF-8 migration tools, implements full support for relative path, accent and case-sensitive page tag, new chat, details and info formatter along with new wrapper options, PHP 8.0 compatibility
6.1 2021-09-04 Implements new PHP 8 functionality and responsive GUI with improved usability, uses IntlDateFormatter for setting timezone offset and DST, adds section edit support, PHP 8 compatibility

For more details see /Dev/ChangeLog[link2]