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[optional text] : [Home|Site name] [seperator >] [first level] [seperator >] [second level] [seperator >] [recent page] [... SearchTitle]


  • [optional text] :
    • free text
    • default localized text: [You are here: | Du befindest dich hier:]
  • [Home|Sitename]
    • the name of the Homepage or the Site name
  • [seperator]
    • > » / :
  • [levels]
  • [recent page]
    • should be bold by default?
    • not clickable!
  • [SearchTitle]
    • should be optional too

each element can need it's own style -> CSS or HTML (<strong>)
all breadcrumb elements should have a smaller text size than the standard text size of the page

  • font-size:0.92em; color:#999999;


how and where displaying the breadcrums inside the theme

pls. post sugesstions and ideas for a good breadcrumb action / themes snippet / function as comment

  • 404 page breadcrumb
  • as <ul>
    • <ul class="breadcrumbs">
          <a href="url">Home</a>
          <span class="separator">/</span>
  • The home breadcrumb may be excluded from the breadcrumb trail.
  • display home as a symbol -> file:haus.gif

current draft

<div id="breadcrumb">You are here: <strong>
// breadcrumb action
$this->get_page_path($titles false$separator '/'$linking true$root_page false)