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Action: Scheduler

Compatible with: R6.x
Current version: 0.4
Credits: AhA[link1], WikiAdmin[link2]


1. Description

Scheduler is an action which allows a person to keep a day calendar (or diary for that matter). Although the entry formatting is simple, at the same time it provides flexibility. A user can enter a day schedule.....

8:00 am - meeting with joe
9:00 am - coffee with angie
10:00 am - clients from budapest	

or use it to keep a to-do list, or even a diary for the day. The schedule for a day can be viewed with the entry tool, in the monthly view, or in the day view. The day viewer is formatted for printing out usable schedules, & you can designate a specific user with it and see somebody else's schedule (I intend on modifying this so that there will be an easy-to-use text entry box for entering user names).

2. Download

  1. Repo for R6.1 (switch branch for previous versions)
    1. action/scheduler.php[link3] (add here: action/)
    2. action/template/scheduler.tpl[link4] (add here: action/template/)

3. Installation

To install the scheduler system, the existing database must be extended by 1 table and the following PHP file must be copied to the /action folder.

3.1. Action

This script must be saved under the name scheduler.php and copied to the /action folder.

3.2. Template

This script must be saved under the name scheduler.tpl and copied to the /action/template folder.

3.3. Database

The existing Wacko MySQL database must be extended with the following table. Change the prefix for the tables accordingly if necessary.

create extra table:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wacko_scheduler (
    scheduler_id INT(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    user_id INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
    schedule TEXT,
PRIMARY KEY (scheduler_id),
KEY idx_user_id (user_id),
KEY idx_date (date)
UNIQUE KEY idx_time (user_id, date);

3.4. Message sets

'SchedMustLogin'					=> 'The calendar works only for logged in users.',
	'SchedNoEntries'						=> 'There are no entries on this day.',
	'SchedLabel'							=> 'Appointments and tasks for ',
	'SchedCommentsNote'				=> 'Preface comments with @.',

	'SchedMonthlyView'					=> 'Monthly view',
	'SchedDailyView'						=> 'Daily view',
	'SchedMonthlyCalendar'				=> 'Monthly Calendar',
	'SchedCalendarLabel'					=> 'Calendar for',
	'SchedDayLabel'						=> 'Entry for the',	

'SchedMustLogin'					=> 'Der Kalender funktioniert nur bei angemeldeten Nutzern.',
	'SchedNoEntries'						=> 'Es gibt keine Einträge an diesem Tag.',
	'SchedLabel'							=> 'Termine und Aufgaben für ',
	'SchedCommentsNote'				=> 'Kommentare mit @ einleiten.',

	'SchedMonthlyView'					=> 'Monatsübersicht',
	'SchedDailyView'						=> 'Tagesansicht',
	'SchedMonthlyCalendar'				=> 'Monatskalender',
	'SchedCalendarLabel'					=> 'Kalender für',
	'SchedDayLabel'						=> 'Eintrag für den',	

3.5. local usage of repository

symlink the gallery action from community action folder in wacko/action and wacko/action/template folder in repo
ln -s ../../community/action/scheduler.php scheduler.php
ln -s ../../../community/action/template/scheduler.tpl scheduler.tpl	

4. Documentation

How can I use this Calendar for group events?

By default only events of the (one) logged in person respectivly his actual account will be shown.

work around:
Share an account. Eg. "GroupXYAccount" which will be used for event accord only.

Login: GroupXYAccount
Password: onepasswordforallgroupmembers

5. Changelog

0.1 Intitial version
0.2 Ported to WackoWiki
0.3 Ported to R6.0
0.4 Added template
0.5 Replaced year, month and day parameter with date

6. To Do

Referring pages:

  1. Dev/PatchesHacks[link5]