Hack: TinyMCE

Compatible with: R4.3
Current version: 0.1
Credits: Christoph Gentsch

Tiny_MCE version 2.3 Hack plus implementation to choose between different editors


1. How to

1.1. download editor sources

1.2. upload sources to webserver

copy files as follows:

tinymce must be under /js/tiny_mce

wacko-plugin under /js/tiny_mce/plugins/wacko







make a link to edit_tiny into original edit.php

patch /themes...wakka.css ..

2. Description

Implementing editors this way allows linking different editors in edit mode to edit-pages like http://YourWikiPage/edit, http://YourWikiPage/tiny_mce_edit, http://YourWikiPage/your_editor

pls. notice that this entry will not survive an Wacko upgrade, so you have to redo this

3. Changelog

0.1 Intitial version – proof of concept

4. To Do

  • beim öffnen des editors werden scheinbar die wrapper nicht ausgeführt (align-sachen werden nicht angezeigt)
  • align sachen in tabellen machen
  • "small" ?
  • links

Referring pages:

  1. Dev/PatchesHacks

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