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Improve Message Sets

message sets

  1. inconsistent


show the work flow, add screen shots

  • registration -> login
  • registration -> e-mail confirm -> login
  • registration -> login -> e-mail confirm

work flow

  1. registration
    1. [screen shot]
    2. message set 
    3. comment
    4. proposed improvement
  2. login
    1. [screen shot]
    2. ..

I have a suggestion for the overall registration process. This is not a "show stopper" but repairing it could remove a little confusion.
  1. Currently when a new user registers, they receive the "You've registered at xyz" email. << fine
  2. The e-mail includes text that reads " Please return to the Wiki and login with your new username and password." <<fine
  3. Upon clicking on the link, (with or without closing the web browser) the user's browser says "Email successfully confirmed." << fine
  4. Then if the user clicks on Login from the above, he is in a position to login from the web browser<< fine
  5. When he completes the login with his new username/PWD, he ends up at the New user registration page asking for username and Password to register yet another time. << Not good! This is confusing.