WackoWiki: Relang

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In *nix systems, use the WHICH command to show the location of the php binary executable. This is the path to use as the first line in your php shell script file.

# which php

cd /yourpathto/repo/community/devel	

php ./relang.php /yourpathto/repo/wacko.en.php wacko.bg.php wacko.da.php wacko.de.php wacko.el.php wacko.es.php wacko.et.php wacko.fr.php wacko.hu.php wacko.it.php wacko.nl.php wacko.pl.php wacko.pt.php wacko.ru.php	


no var

no var in /home/user/workspace/dev/src/lang/wacko.en.php	

FIXED diff --git a/community/devel/relang.php b/community/devel/relang.php
--- a/community/devel/relang.php
+++ b/community/devel/relang.php
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 	$contents = trim($contents);

 	$parent = 0;
-	if (!preg_match('/\$([\w_]+)\s*=\s*array\s*\(/', $contents, $match))
+	if (!preg_match('/\$([\w_]+)\s*=\s*\[/', $contents, $match))
 		if (!$defvar) die("no var in $fname\n");
 		$var = $defvar;	

dupe messages
php ./relang.php /home/user/workspace/dev/src/admin/lang/ap.en.php /home/user/workspace/dev/src/admin/lang/ap.bg.php	

dupe messages in /home/user/workspace/dev/src/admin/lang/ap.en.php	

Complains about a dupe set but in another sub array