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With the forum actions you can create a forum within a defined cluster of your wiki.

Non-mandatory options and parameters are enclosed in [square brackets].
When using the actions please remove the square [ ] brackets from the parameters to make it work.
Numerical values are given without and strings with quotation marks, max=10 and page="PageName".

1. Global settings

The config value forum_cluster defines the namespace where the forum is located. This is necessary to provide a unique path.

2. Actions组件


2.1. 论坛forums

2.2. 主题topics

3. Permissions

3.1. Meta pages


The permissions for comments on all forum meta pages, those having the action {{forums}} or {{topics}}, must be empty.

Settings for Forums meta page permissions

3.2. Topic pages

The engine sets special permissions for the topic pages, you usually create them with the topics action, it recognizes them over the name space.
$read_acl	= '*';
$write_acl	= $user_name;
$comment_acl	= '$';
$create_acl	= '';
$upload_acl	= '';

Notice the empty create_acl. The topic action shows only pages with empty create_acl as topics .

4. Handler

You must be a member of the Moderator group to use the moderation tools.

4.1. Moderate forum

moderate forum

4.2. Moderate topic

moderate topic

5. Example

To have multiple forums you can create sub-forums within the forum cluster:

Page Action
Forum {{forums pages="Forum/Discussion,Forum/National"}}
Forum/Discussion {{topics}}
Forum/National {{forums pages="Forum/National/Deutsch"}}
Forum/National/Deutsch {{topics}}

forums action
forum topics action