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Action 论坛

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With the forum actions you can create a forum within a defined cluster of your wiki.

Non-mandatory options and parameters are enclosed in [square brackets].
When using the actions please remove the square [ ] brackets from the parameters to make it work.
Numerical values are given without and strings with quotation marks, max=10 and page="PageName".

1. Global settings

The config value forum_cluster defines the namespace where the forum is located. This is necessary to provide a unique path.

2. Actions组件


2.1. 论坛forums

2.2. 主题topics

3. 权限管理

3.1. Meta pages


The permissions for comments on all forum meta pages, those having the action {{forums}} or {{topics}}, must be empty.


3.2. Topic pages

The engine sets special permissions for the topic pages, you usually create them with the topics action, it recognizes them over the name space.
$read_acl	= '*';
$write_acl	= $user_name;
$comment_acl	= '$';
$create_acl	= '';
$upload_acl	= '';	

Notice the empty create_acl. The topic action shows only pages with empty create_acl as topics .

4. Handler

You must be a member of the Moderator group to use the moderation tools.

4.1. Moderate forum

moderate forum

4.2. Moderate topic

moderate topic

5. Example

To have multiple forums you can create sub-forums within the forum cluster:

Page Action
Forum {{forums pages="Forum/Discussion,Forum/National"}}
Forum/Discussion {{topics}}
Forum/National {{forums pages="Forum/National/Deutsch"}}
Forum/National/Deutsch {{topics}}

forums action
forum topics action