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wacko.r5.5.14.zip[link4] (1.9 MB)

Test version:
wacko.r6.0.beta1.zip[link5] (1.9 MiB)

1. What the heck is this?

Small, lightweight, handy, expandable Wiki-engine written in PHP7.

2. Authors

WackoWiki development team:

Great thanks & gratitude to all WackoWiki contributors we know about.

3. What`s new in R5.5 comparing to R5.4?

-> /Dev/Release/R5.5/ChangeLog[link7]

4. Version history

Version history can be found here[link8].

5. What is the license?

You are free to everything. Hmm... almost =). See LICENSE[link9] file in installation pack.

If you are going to change (and especially enhance) this product, please contact us
so your changes could be included in next release of WackoWiki.

We`ve got Repository[link10] working.

6. System Requirements

Before installing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

-> Requirements[link11]
Works better under: apache+mod_rewrite.

7. Downloading

File Formats: The zip format is great for Windows and OS X platforms. Linux command line users may be more comfortable with the tar.gz file. The files in each archive are identical.


wacko.r5.5.14.zip[link4] (1.9 MB)

Please, subscribe to News feed[link12] in order to receive notices when WackoWiki will be updated.

8. Extensions and Themes

Where can I get additional themes?
Here – Wacko Themes[link13].
If you make your own theme, you can mail it to us.