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===What the heck is this?===
Small, lightweight, handy, expandable Wiki-engine written in PHP7.

WackoWiki development team:
  * ((/Org/Team WackoWiki team & contributors))

Great thanks & gratitude to all WackoWiki contributors we know about.

===What`s new in R5.5 comparing to R5.4?===
-> ((/Dev/Release/R55/ChangeLog))

===Version history===
Version history can be found ((/Dev/ChangeLog here)).

===What is the license?===
You are free to everything. Hmm... almost =). See ((/About/License LICENSE)) file in installation pack.

If you are going to change (and especially enhance) this product, please contact us
so your changes could be included in next release of WackoWiki.

We`ve got ((/Org/Tools/Repository Repository)) working.

===System Requirements===
Before installing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

-> ((Requirements))
Works better under: apache+mod_rewrite.

File Formats: The zip format is great for Windows and OS X platforms. Linux command line users may be more comfortable with the tar.gz file. The files in each archive are identical.

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Please, subscribe to ((/News News feed)) in order to receive notices when WackoWiki will be updated.

===Extensions and Themes===
Where can I get additional themes?
Here - ((Themes Wacko Themes)).
If you make your own theme, you can mail it to us.

original is located at: ((/Doc/English/Download))