Installation Under IIS

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Just say I installed under Win XP? on the home machine so I was interested in the most simple way to install. Win by 2 K? or a Windows Server may still exist pitfalls who will face write.

Installing PHP 

  1. The easiest way to install PHP is to download it from here: (select exactly PHP 4.3.10 installer under Windows Binaries)
  2. During installation, select Advanced
  3. Next, select the IIS 4.0 or higher. Despite what that Win XP comes IIS 6.0 (if I remember correctly) when installing PHP had to choose IIS 4.0.
  4. For Windows 2003 Server. Run IIS Manager, select the Web Service Extensions, click "Add a new Web service extension" PHP enter the name of a file and select php.exe, then mark the checkbox "Set extension status to Allowed" and click OK

MySQL installation

MySQL I have long been established so details can not now tell. One thing is clear – the distribution should be downloaded from here: under Windows downloads

Create a database as written here: Creating Databases In Mysql

Wiki Installation

  1. Create a virtual directory in IIS (context menu icon in My Compurer? And select Management and Control)
  2. Directory called, for example, wiki
  3. When you create a virtual directory, put a check in front of: Performing proilozheny ISAPI or CGI (option name is approximate)
  4. Specify the folder on the drive where the files will be wiki
  5. See that PHP works on IIS, for this newly created directory put php file (example below) and refer to it http://localhost/wiki/test.php. If you see the words Hello all is Ok
  6. Copy the files to this folder wiki
  7. Give full access to this folder, two system users: NETWORK_SERVICE and IUSR_xxx (maybe one of them once, but for the first installation is not important.)
  8. Run the installation http://localhost/wiki/index.php and set all that is required. Username MySQL I have no root password. (The car home I was not much interested in the safety)
  9. Follow installation instructions wiki and, if all goes well, your wiki will come to life :). I came to life on the first try.

File to test the PHP under IIS

echo "Hello";