Examples of WackoWiki installations

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known OPEN installations

  1. http://freesource.info/wiki/
  2. http://www.leaping.net/~rus/RuslanBondar
  3. http://wackowiki.org/
  4. http://bcswiki.walmsleys.com – British Computer Society Oxfordshire Branch
  5. http://wiki.compowiki.info/ – Russian language site about PC.
  6. http://www.r2h2.us.es/pcasus/ – Wiki of the Plan of Quality and Continuous Improvement of the Administration Services of the University of Sevilla.
  7. http://wiki.rock-opera.ru Wacko-version of the official site of the theatre "Rock-opera", St. Petersburg

(энциклопедия) по управлению персоналом.

  1. http://wiki.us.es/juanan/ – Personal but Open wiki
  2. http://wiki.us.es/alvuelo/ – A group of people that love mountains in Andalucia
  3. http://wiki.us.es/juanramon – Personal but Open wiki
  4. http://innoevalua.us.es/ – Investigatio Group at University of Sevilla
  5. http://wiki.schoolnet.by – Сервер образовательной сети Дзержинского района
  6. http://ebalaskas.gr/wiki – Evaggelos Balaskas Personal wiki

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