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Not necessarily required data and parameters are in [square brackets].
Use action parameters without square brackets [ ].



Note : Please keep in mind that files might be rejected based on other criteria, for example lack of disk space, because the file is larger than the maximum allowed file size or because your web-host does not allow particular files.

If you’d like to allow larger files, you’ll need to edit the PHP configuration file (php.ini) and add or set the following lines in php.ini (the example allows files up to 32 Mb):

upload_max_filesize = 32M
post_max_size = 32M
max_execution_time = 300


Syntax of reference to the file

Local uploaded files, per page, were check against the pages read permission.

URL syntax

Wacko syntax

does search

  1. file:archive.zip – for in the current local file first then for the global file
  2. file:/archive.zip – only the global file
  3. file:!/archive.zip – for local file with relative path
  4. file:/Subpage/archive.zip – for local file with absolute path, necessary for files in included pages

Media Parameters

Parameters are added to the file syntax by appending a question mark ? and adding additional parameters by an ampersand &.
e.g. file:/image.png?200x400&direct&caption


The Woolly Mammoth (Elephas primigenius)

File storage on server

Files for all users (global)


Files of specific pages


Files after backup (admin panel)

Customize upload settings

Edit constants: config.php[link5]


define('UPLOAD_GLOBAL_DIR',                'file/global');
define('UPLOAD_PER_PAGE_DIR',            'file/perpage');
define('UPLOAD_BACKUP_DIR',                'file/backup');

Edit secondary config[link5]

config setting value description
default_upload_acl Admins who can load. Anonymous authors cannot load ever
upload true who can load. Anonymous authors cannot load ever
upload_images_only true if is established, then it does not give to load something besides pictures. Pictures are determined with the aid of GD
upload_max_size 100 the maximum permissible size of file, in Bytes
upload_quota 0 is how much Byte can be uploaded at all (if it is not established, then as much as desired)
upload_quota_per_user 500000 is how much Byte can be uploaded by one user (if it is not established, then as much as desired)
upload_banned_exts php|cgi|js|php|php3|php4|php5|..

attachment settings module