A few issues with R5.5.6

Hi – Very recently I downloaded and installed version 5.5.6 on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine. I noted several inconsistencies and issues that I would like to pass on. If there is a more appropriate place to make my inputs, I would be happy to do that.

The issues that I am experiencing involve:

  1. Accessing the Admin Panel
  2. Viewing the Page Revisions

I am prepared to provide full details of the above if this (or another location) is the appropriate place to pass along that information.

Thanks again for your work in providing WackoWiki. It is one of my most appreciated applications.



  1. Re: A few issues with R5.5.6

    I intend to release R5.5.7 in a few days and R5.5.8 in the spring.
    We can move the comments later into the forum section if needed.

    Please pull the repohead to check what has been changed. I worked lately on a few related issues.
  2. A few issues with New V 5.5.7

    Thanks, I downloaded and installed 5.5.7. Was able to get into the Admin Panel with the new link in the upper right corner. Nice!

    The Page Revisions display is not working with Full Diff or Simple Diff.

    I do not have Rewrite capability so did not check the enable Rewrite Mode during install.

  3. Patch: The Page Revisions display is not working with Full Diff or Simple Diff.

    FIXED: 7bea86b

    diff --git a/wacko/handler/page/template/revisions.tpl b/wacko/handler/page/template/revisions.tpl
    --- a/wacko/handler/page/template/revisions.tpl
    +++ b/wacko/handler/page/template/revisions.tpl
    @@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
     	[ ' message ' ]
     	[= r _ =
     		<form action="[ ' href: diff ' ]" method="get" name="diff_versions">
    			[ ' csrf: diff_versions ' ]
    +			[ ' href: diff | hide_page ' ]
     				<input type="submit" value="[ ' _t: ShowDifferencesButton ' ]">
     				[= d _ =
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