installation: config.php empty and website not created

Hi all,
Unsuccessfully trying to install Wackowiki. Everything seems to be according to the manual, blank config.php pre-created, all files and folders are granted access, it's just on a local machine, the installation says that everything went well, the wakka.config.php is populated, and yet – the config.php file is not updated (remains blank) and the site is not created. What may be going on? Where should I look for solution?


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    In 4.3 its still wakka.config.php. You can ignore config.php because it was only available for the development version (for the upcoming 5.0 version it will be config/config.php). The documentation seems not up to date, please read config.php as wakka.config.php.

    If your database is populated (e.g. wacko_users) then the .htaccess file might be the cause (?)
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