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I'm new to wackowiki and I'm looking for the best way to create new pages. Here is what I've found:
1- I can modify an existing page and type in a WikiName which will make a ? appear.
2- I can directly type in my adress field something like and the wiki will ask me if I want to create that "MyNewPage".

My problems are:

  • with 1, I can't create a page unrelated to anything existing.
  • with 1, I can't easily create a "single word page".
  • with 2, I can do anything I want but it ain't user friendly.

Is there another way to achieve the same task? Have I missed something ?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Re: New Page Creation

    You can do this by adding double parentheses around the word,
    e.g. ((singlewordpage))

    I agree.

    In the upcoming version 5.0 there will be an extra handler for that
    new 'add page' handler

    Added some additional remarks here yesterday
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    • 17.02.2020 21:31 edited
  2. Re: New Page Creation

    OK, I'll try the patch when I have time.
    A "nice to have" also would be to propose to create a page when a search led to "no results" ?

    Thanks for the help!

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