Selected categories were not saved with new page

When creating a new page select the check box for that Category I would like the page to be in this case
Tarot Major Arcana

After clicking on save the page is saved correctly but not placed in the category. I have to go back in manually add the page to the category in question.


  1. Re: Selected categories were not saved with new page

    Indeed it's broken, I'll fix that. I must missed something, it worked before.

    Error introduced: e4b0c16 – 6 Dec 2015
    Cause: save categories was wrapped in wrong condition, assuming $this->page which is not the case for a new page
    FIXED: 177dadd

    Thanks for reporting.
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  2. Re: Selected categories were not saved with new page

    Glad to be of help. So to get this fix into my wiki do I have to upgrade or just replace one file?
    So I went to git hub and downloaded the new edit.php file and installed it in the wacko/action directory
    Closed browser refreshed cache
    And same issue.
    Also installed in wacko/handler/page
    this solved the issue
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  3. Re: pulling new change sets

    For testing purposes it is probably better to use Git, so you can pull the latest change sets at once to test them in your local XAMPP stack. We are still in the process learning how to use Git properly after our transition from Mercurial.
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