Does it support tagging?


Perhaps is a silly question, but I can't see how to add tags to the content. It's possilble?



  1. Re: Tags support?

    You must create the categories (tags) before you can use them.

    Screenshot: WackoWiki R5.5 Assign Categories

    Page handler: more -> Categories -> edit -> add
    • WikiAdmin
    • 26.04.2020 13:32 edited
  2. Oops

    Ok, I saw the categories, but I don't play with them because I suposed that they were hierarchical. Ok then. Solved.
    • XaRz
    • 06.05.2020 08:57 edited
  3. Re: Does it support tagging?

    For the sake of simplicity we did not implemented a separate tagging feature. Its on the wish list. So for now it is more or less one and the same.
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