Tips not in cyrillic

Hi there!
I have a little problem with Tips Not in Cyrillic.
There are tip on word Profile (screenshot – ). This tip I see not in cyrillic charset CP1251 and it's not readable.
The same charset (Western?) i see on page Whats New (with action whatsnew) when hover over hour of change (screenshot – ).
In /lang/ all definitions written in CP1251 as well as
'RevisionTip' => 'Просмотреть историю изменений страницы',
Why I get this mess and where to fix it ?


  1. FIXED double encoding issue

     $title = Ut::html($title, false);

    The false does the trick. When double_encode is turned off PHP will not encode existing html entities, the default is to convert everything.

    Patch: revision:4714626


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