R6.0.12 released

R6.0.12 is out wacko.r6.0.12.zip (2.1 MiB) Release Notes


  • 05.10.2020: 12th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to a97d05
  • 10.09.2020: 11th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to dc641ea

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  1. adds support for UTF-8 and UTF-8 migration tools
  2. accent and case-sensitive page tag 
  3. implements full support for relative path
  4. new info box formatter and wrapper options
  5. complete PHP 7.4 compatibility

Full WackoWiki 6.0 changelog

WackoWiki Unicode migration

If you want upgrade from a previous version follow these instructions.

Source Downloads

Clone repo

git clone -b 6.0.12 https://github.com/WackoWiki/wackowiki.git

All installations that are currently running any 5.5.x or older version are advised to upgrade to this release.


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