R6.1.1 released

R6.1.1 is out wacko.6.1.1.zip (2.1 MiB) Release Notes


  • 05.10.2021: 1th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to 4d3730c

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  1. adds new PHP 8 functionality
  2. ... (upcoming)

This branch drops support for PHP 7 to implement new PHP 8 functionality such as Match expression and str_*() functions along with other goodies.

Full WackoWiki 6.1 changelog


// match expression
$result = match($input) {
=> 'hello',
'1''2''3' => 'world',

If you want upgrade from a previous version follow these instructions.

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Clone repo

git clone -b 6.1.1 https://github.com/WackoWiki/wackowiki.git

All installations that are currently running any 6.0.x version may are advised to upgrade to this release.


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