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License[link1] - Open source. It’s free (BSD) and you can contribute to the project.

The Open Source Advantage

Open source projects hinge entirely on contributors.

Social Architecture[link2] - building an Open Source community

The 5 Types of Open Source Projects[link3]

Unix philosophy[link4]

Nobody will do it for you[link5]
Open source has a funding problem[link6]
Different developers have poured their heart into their projects, dedicating large amounts of time and effort into making solutions, and sharing them with the world. While the code may live online somewhere forever, an open source project only truly survives if someone maintains it.

Release cycles

Semantic Versioning[link8]






Teaching/Learning Community

Process of decision making

Producing Open Source Software[link15]. It’s all about managing and promoting healthy open source developer communities.
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way[link16]


Take a break. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard. If so, resolve to take some breaks. Taking breaks can help you see the bigger picture, and spot important aspects of project development you may have missed. It also helps you to recharge.

  1. we excel at doing stuff, and are lousy about talking about it

Who decides what happens?
  1. If something is not being done, it’s because no one has decided to do it.
  2. Development culture means that people work on what they’re interested in.
  3. He who does the code gets to decide.

main advantages of WackoWiki

principles to maintain

Simplicity Oriented Design


Community and roles

main language and how to enable participation of users not speaking English

intended Audience

Architectural Issues
A good specification lets diverse people work together without confusion or conflict.

Compatibility Concerns

Project Status
Upcoming Project Milestones
What we are currently working on
What needs to be done before R7.0
Collecting ideas for R7.0

RFC for WackoFormatter
  1. https://github.com/unprotocols[...]b/master/2/README.md[link17]


Every time you provide an option, you’re asking the user to make a decision.

the classic case of perfect being the enemy of the good

avoid high tool overhead

Build small things

Silence, delirium, lies?[link19]