list of commands:

 add add the specified files on the next commit
 addremove add all new files, delete all missing files
 annotate show changeset information by line for each file
 archive create an unversioned archive of a repository revision
 backout reverse effect of earlier changeset
 bisect subdivision search of changesets
 branch set or show the current branch name
 branches list repository named branches
 bundle create a changegroup file
 cat output the current or given revision of files
 clone make a copy of an existing repository
 commit commit the specified files or all outstanding changes
 copy mark files as copied for the next commit
 diff diff repository (or selected files)
 export dump the header and diffs for one or more changesets
 forget forget the specified files on the next commit
 grep search for a pattern in specified files and revisions
 heads show current repository heads or show branch heads
 help show help for a given topic or a help overview
 identify identify the working copy or specified revision
 import import an ordered set of patches
 incoming show new changesets found in source
 init create a new repository in the given directory
 locate locate files matching specific patterns
 log show revision history of entire repository or files
 manifest output the current or given revision of the project manifest
 merge merge working directory with another revision
 outgoing show changesets not found in destination
 parents show the parents of the working directory or revision
 paths show aliases for remote repositories
 pull pull changes from the specified source
 push push changes to the specified destination
 recover roll back an interrupted transaction
 remove remove the specified files on the next commit
 rename rename files; equivalent of copy + remove
 resolve retry file merges from a merge or update
 revert restore individual files or directories to an earlier state
 rollback roll back the last transaction
 root print the root (top) of the current working directory
 serve export the repository via HTTP
 showconfig show combined config settings from all hgrc files
 status show changed files in the working directory
 summary summarize working directory state
 tag add one or more tags for the current or given revision
 tags list repository tags
 tip show the tip revision
 unbundle apply one or more changegroup files
 update update working directory
 verify verify the integrity of the repository
 version output version and copyright information

enabled extensions:

 bookmarks track a line of development with movable markers
 convert import revisions from foreign VCS repositories into Mercurial
 extdiff command to allow external programs to compare revisions
 keyword expand keywords in tracked files
 mq manage a stack of patches
 rebase command to move sets of revisions to a different ancestor
 transplant command to transplant changesets from another branch

additional help topics:

 config Configuration Files
 dates Date Formats
 patterns File Name Patterns
 environment Environment Variables
 revisions Specifying Single Revisions
 multirevs Specifying Multiple Revisions
 diffs Diff Formats
 templating Template Usage
 urls URL Paths
 extensions Using additional features

use "hg -v help" to show aliases and global options

original is located at: ((/Org/Tools/Repository/Doc/Commands))