Screenshots: Working with clients for Mercurial

1. TortoiseHg

First install Mercurial and TortoiseHg

1.1. Initializing Repository

1.2. Clone given branch

With hg clone, you easily make an identical (local) copy of a repository.

1. Step
TortoiseHg: File > Clone Repository

2. Step
Source: (latest Development Version of WackoWiki)
Destination: ./WackoWiki/wacko-dev (local WackoWiki project folder)

You should now have a local project directory ( /home/username/WackoWiki/wacko-dev ).
Further Reading: Mercurial: The Definitive Guide – Working with a repository

1.3. Repository Explorer

1.4. Pull and update

With hg pull you will easily download just the latest code changes.

1. Step:
Check for changes

2. Step:
Pull changes

3. Step:
Update local repository

1.5. Committing changes

With hg commit making changes to your local repository is easy.

1. Step
Make your edits.

2. Step
(Re)Open TortoiseHg or refresh current repository. Commit your changes.

1.6. Commit and Push

Check repository settings.

Or find and edit your Mercurial.ini on Windows, /.hgrc on Unix, or .hg/hgrc inside a repo. /Org/Tools/Repository/Doc/HowTos#h1474-5

Use two clones. Work in clone "main", push and merge in clone "sync", and pull back into clone "main".
Shared Repository Model