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This is the WackoPage of Mark Hissink Muller.
Reach me at markNOS@PAMhissinkmuller.nl (remove the NOS_PAM-decoy).

Excellent work guys, I really like what you are doing with your Wiki.
Too bad I don't understand any Russian.

Here's a shortlist what I see as desired new functionality, or open work on the Wakka / Wacko?-engine.
If you're preparing any of this; please let me know so I know where (not) to focus my attention.


– Regarding FileUpload, check MatthiasAppel's plugin at: http://www.gadma.net/wakka/GadmaUploads; maybe nice to include in wacko?

– Refactoring functionality for a PageName

– See what I'm starting at Wacko Documentation

Wacko 4 Beta-status ?
I see a lot of content in Russian being created, which unfortunately, I still do not understand.
Would it be possible to make the following information available in English?
– Wacko 4 new features
– any changes in DB-schema (incompatibility with v3.5)
– Wacko 4 release planning
RomanIvanov: Yes, this information will be provided along with R4 beta2 release, April 3–7.

Bugs in Wacko 4 beta1 ?
Submitting the page which writes the wakka.config.php for Wacko 4 beta 1, I found the following issues:

Any idea what this might mean?
RomanIvanov: I'll try to reproduce, thank you!
> Mark, do you have your wiki running somewhere?

MHM: I mainly run wiki's for Closed User Groups?; I have an open wiki for my former classmates from university, but I have difficulty to get them enthusiastic. :-S Alas, not all of them are coders.

Mark Hissink Muller: I'm integrating the WakkaCalendar (by LaiHoKwan) in Wacko 3.5

* I've put the files from the WakkaCalendar-page in place and modified the css

Open issues:

Let me know if you're interested to take a look at it or include it in your codebase.