Hack: Bad Behavior for WackoWiki

bugs: implemented as extension
Compatible with: R5.5
Current version: 0.6
Credits: Sergey Martynoff, WikiAdmin, RideSnowNow

It is not in Bad Behavior release yet, so you can download it here:

1. About

Bad Behavior is a spam protection system that detects and blocks unwanted Web accesses.

2. Download

1. Bad Behavior:

2. Bad-Behavior plugin for WackoWiki:

Put the files in the following folders:

file folder notes
1. Bad-Behavior
bad-behavior/ lib/bad_behavior/ move the entire bad-behavior/ folder here
bb_whitelist.conf config/ you must create this file, see bb_whitelist-sample.conf
2. Bad-Behavior plugin for WackoWiki
tool_badbehavior.php admin/module/ optional, allows you to check the logs, access via admin panel
bad-behavior-wackowiki.php lib/bad_behavior/ plugin for WackoWiki
bb_settings.conf config/ see Configuration

3. Installation

To activate the extension you have to set ext_bad_behavior to 1 in the the Secondary Config, you can do this via the Admin panel.

Admin panel: Extensions -> Bad Behavior -> Settings

That's all – now go to your site and check if it is still working.

3.1. Configuration

still uses the bb_settings.conf

; settings.ini

display_stats = true
strict = false
verbose = false
logging = true
httpbl_key = ""
httpbl_threat = 25
httpbl_maxage = 30
offsite_forms = false
reverse_proxy = false
reverse_proxy_header = "X-Forwarded-For"
;reverse_proxy_addresses[] = 
;reverse_proxy_addresses[] =

4. AdminPanel Module

5. Changelog

0.1 Intitial version
0.2 Ported to WackoWiki 5.1.0
0.3 Added module for Admin panel
0.4 Integrated in distribution as extension
0.5 Adapted for WackoWiki's new init system
0.6 Removed obsolete cookie related code

6. To Do

  • make use of secondary config
  • add notes for ideas, improvements

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