WikiEdit: emotion image

Compatible with: R4.2 and 4.3
Current version: 4.3
Credits: Evaggelos Balaskas

emotion image

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1. Documentation

  • First you must find the emotion image you want to add. e.g. The Smile Face. You should try to find a gif image. Put the smileface.gif under to wacko/images/wikiedit/ .
  • Edit wacko/js/wikiedit2.js file to add a code line like the below :
this.addButton("smileface", "Smile Face", "':)', ''");

to add the smile face button.

  • Next you have to edit the wacko/formatters/classes/WackoFormatter.php to add the action of the emotion image.

In this case you want to add an html image src to your page.

else if (preg_match("/:\)/", $thing, $matches))
  return '<img src="images/wikiedit/smileface.gif" alt="Smile Face" />';

But before this you must add the formatter string to $this->LONGREGEXP value. I simple add this :


That's all

2. How To 

How to add an emotion image to WikiEdit ?
– very easy

3. Screen Shot

4. Localization

There is no need for any

5. To Do

  • To add the basic emotion images

Referring pages:

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