Cron-like "daemon" for HTTP-tasks

What is it?

Pseudo-crowns in PHP, runs the job on their URL-addresses.

This pseudocron differs from other similar programs basically in one thing – run by jobs.
Tasks for htCron – no php-php-file or the method and URL.

This enables the job to other sites, the task is not written in php, or a job, running a long time.
From htCron you clearly know that the verification conditions will be no more than 0.003 sec. And starting a job – no more than 0.02 sec. (if the job is started from the same site).

2003, Roman Ivanov & Yulia Shabunio

Current version

v. 0.50

Download (4Kb)

To Do

  • Support work with mysql.
  • Writing documentation.

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