R5.5 Database Schema Changes

1. Table changes

  1. added table
    1. auth_token
    2. file_link
    3. external_link
    4. session (optional)
    5. bad_behavior (optional)
  2. renamed table
    1. link to page_link
    2. upload to file
    3. category_page to category_assignment
  3. renamed field
    1. session_expiration to session_length in table user_setting
    2. parent to parent_id in category table
    3. session_time to last_visit in user table
    4. moderator to moderator_id in usergroup table
    5. changes_count to list_count in user_setting table -> default number of records per page in lists
    6. description to category_description in category table
    7. lang to page_lang in page and revision table
    8. lang to category_lang in category table
    9. lang to cache_lang in cache table
    10. lang to menu_lang in menu table
    11. lang to tag_lang in tag table
    12. lang to file_lang in file table
    13. lang to user_lang in user_setting table
    14. upload_id to file_id in file table
  4. added field
    1. user_ip VARCHAR(40) to user table
    2. sorting_comments to user_setting table
    3. description to category table
    4. account_lang to user table
    5. group_lang to usergroup table
    6. account_status to user table
    7. menu_items in user_setting table
    8. version_id to page table
    9. page_size INT(10) to page and revision table
    10. mimetype to file table
    11. assignment_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    12. object_type_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    13. object_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    14. modified_dt DATETIME to file table
    15. files INT(4) to page table
    16. revisions INT(10) to page table
    17. license_id INT(10) to page table
    18. license_id INT(10) to file table
    19. author VARCHAR(250) to file table
    20. source VARCHAR(250) to file table
    21. source_url VARCHAR(255) to file table
  5. removed field
    1. revisions_count in user_setting table
    2. salt from user table, but remains in upgraded installation
    3. session_expire from user table
  6. changed field
    1. title to VARCHAR(250) in page and revision table
    2. edit_note to VARCHAR(200) in page and revision table
    3. name to CHAR(40) in cache table
    4. password to VARCHAR(255) in user table
  7. updated DEFAULT values for standard_handlers in config table
  8. added primary key referrer_id to referrer table

2. Database layout

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