• TheBone /06.02.2009 22:28/ Before we should talk about a new theme, we should create rules for the coders and their HTML output. The code that is created by the actions and handlers need to be similar between the different files. Otherweise nobody will understand the css files later :-)
  • TheBone /29.01.2009 13:22/ I would prefer a combined Login and Register Page or just a Login page that link to the register page. Having both links (to Login and Register) on each site will cost a lot of space. Further in R4.3 I'm logged in and I can still see the register link. Not nice!
    • WikiAdmin /13.02.2009 12:36/ I prefer a link to the register page (you use register only once), the registration link disappears for registered users default_bookmarks -> site_bookmarks – I prefer to remove the register link from the default_bookmarks and add it to the register/login panel (has to be changed than in all themes)

    Concerning the charset issues... what for a Doc Type should be used? And XHTML trans or strict? I would vote for xhtml1-transitional and charset=utf-8

    WikiAdmin /13.02.2009 12:46/ for now UTF-8 is not supported, may be its available in R6.0, xhtml1-transitional is OK – DOCTYPE XHTML 1.0 Strict is planned in the near future but requires some changes in the core files and formatters