Syntax of tree Cluster in Wacko 5?

Hello everyone,

I upgraded from R4.3 to 5.1.0. In both Wackos I can use 

{{tree Cluster}}
to display a tree cluster from a page I am on.

However, in 4.3 I could use 

{{tree Cluster="/page/subpage1"}}
even when being, let's say, on /page/subpage1/subsubpage1 or on /page/subpage2. I haven't figured out the correct syntax to show such tree cluster of another page in 5.1. I get the error like "/page/subpage1/subsubpage1 has no subpages.

Thanks for help finding the correct syntax



  1. Parameter page

    The old action took any argument with unwanted results.

    Guess what
    {{tree depth=3}}
    happens here, so we fixed this behavior in all actions.

    There are still some inconsistencies like [page/for] in other actions.

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    • 05.10.2018 07:16 edited