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Wacko Typografica

Formatter that convert double-minus into emdash, single-minus into dash, make some minor corrections with nb-spaces and short words, wraps (c), (r), (tm), (p) & some other pretty symbols.

Formatting rules are based on typographical standards for russian books, our own heuristics & oriented on, again, russian users primarily. However, if you like the way text is formatted here, you could use it on your own.

Examples of the Formatting[link1] Special Characters

Subscript Insert spaces before and after vv.
H vv2vv O
H 2 O
^F °F
^C °C
(p) §
(tm) (tm)
(c) (c)
(r) (r)
+- +-
~~ ~

Formatting rules & formatter base were developed by Pixel-Apes group.
More information you can get on project`s web page here or there: