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The classes Typografica & Paragrafica are intended for text preprocessing (usually large arrays of texts) in order to bring them into view,
more convenient for reading, as well as for workflow tasks.

  1. Typografica
    • Makes an automatic replacement for "quotes" and special characters.
  2. Paragrafica
    • Tries to enclose all paragraphs of the text in <p>, and also forms near each <p> and <h1-6> the anchor for the link.
    • Additionally it collects headers for the output of Table Of Contents.

A little of the substance of the draft

The task of the project is to provide developers, designers and editors with the tools to facilitate the work with typographic and aesthetically correct design of texts in simple editors.

Currently, it has a lot of disputes that the «correct typographical-style», and we, of course, is deeply his views on the subject.


The service was launched in summer 2002.

Service «Typography Corrector» no longer growing, and all source code available for download. And yet we feel a sense of profound satisfaction for those rare minutes when comes to this page.

Formatters same «Typografica» gradually evolving and gaining speed. Project developers of WackoWiki using these formatters actively and invite other developers to use them.

It is planned refactoring library, so please send all notice errors in the bug tracker.

Whats new?

  • added missing <dd> and <dt> to wronginators
  • bugs:375 - added <ignore> tag as terminator to Paragrafica

The authors and project participants

The basic code formatter «Typografica» and the «Typography Corrector» service have been developed by Kuso Mendokusee:
Many developers, designers and editors have contributed testing and debugging of modules selected gratitude want to bring:

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