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There are lots of ways to support the ((/Download WackoWiki project)). The most valuable donation you can give is your time, be it on the ((/Forum support forums)), ((/Dev coding)), or ((/Doc/English/ToDo writing documentation)). WackoWiki has no marketing or advertising, so ((/Org/Advocacy spreading the good word)) is appreciated.

How can I financially assist WackoWiki? 


**WackoWiki is Free**

To clarify, there is no charge for using WackoWiki, commercially or otherwise. If you're a host you can install it for free. If you're a designer or web developer you can install it for your clients without buying any sort of license. All donations are completely voluntary.

You could "target you donation" to speed-up realization of a particular feature (or resolving a particular bug report). To achieve this, you should contact us before/after your donation - describe your "target feature" in issue tracker post to, indicating your donation`s amount also. If you would like your donation to be anonymous please say so when you send it.

We’d like to thank our community and our sponsors for making everything we’ve done possible. If your company or organization is able to ((/About/Sponsors sponsor)) WackoWiki please email us.

Also, if you have a success story about WackoWiki, please email it.

  1. ((/Org/CallForFeature Call for Feature)) - paid tickets for wanted features
  1. ((/Org/Advocacy Advocacy)) - spread the word
  2. ((/Org/Articles/Upstreaming Upstreaming)) - strengthening open source development