R6.1.25 released

by WikiAdmin

R6.1.25 is out (2.2 MiB) Release Notes


  • 12.04.2024: 25th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to c55334f

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  1. new PHP 8 functionality
  2. RTL theme support
  3. complete Chinese Simplified translation
  4. section edit support
  5. thumbnail creation
  6. global string find-and-replace action

This branch drops support for PHP 7 to implement new PHP 8 functionality such as Match expression and str_*() functions along with other goodies.

Full WackoWiki 6.1 changelog

WackoWiki 管理面板:外观设置

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Clone repo

git clone -b 6.1.25	

All installations that are currently running any 6.0 version are advised to upgrade to this release.


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R6.0.37 released

by WikiAdmin

R6.0.37 is out (2.2 MiB) Release Notes


  • 10.03.2023: 37th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to a31bc75

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  1. UTF-8 support
  2. accent and case-sensitive page tag
  3. implements full support for relative path
  4. new info, chat and details formatter along with new wrapper options
  5. complete PHP 8.0 compatibility

Full WackoWiki 6.0 changelog

WackoWiki Unicode migration

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Source Downloads

Clone repo

git clone -b 6.0.37	

All installations that are currently running any 5.5.x or older version are advised to upgrade to this release.

R5.5.17 released

by WikiAdmin

mammut mascot
R5.5.17 is out (1.9 MiB) Release Notes


  • 31.12.2019: 17th Maintenance Release -> File updated to b4095e3

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  1. major refactoring of init system
  2. new URI router
  3. new session handler
  4. new template engine
  5. added php-diff rendering methods
  6. Captcha works again out of the box

Full WackoWiki 5.5 changelog

WackoWiki General Page Properties

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Source Downloads

Clone repo

git clone -b 5.5.17	

All installations that are currently running any 5.4.x or older version are advised to upgrade to this release.

R5.0.5 released

by WikiAdmin

R5.0.5 is out (1.3 MB) Release Notes


  • 23.10.2019: 5th Maintenance Release -> Files updated to 95c416f

This is a major release.

Notable in this release:

  • normalizes database
  • new default theme
  • major code refactoring and cleanup
  • back ported features from openSpace fork
  • implements PHPMailer
  • complete PHP 5.3 compatibility

Full WackoWiki 5.0 changelog

normalized table structure of WackoWiki R5.0 database

If you want upgrade from a previous version follow these instructions.

Source Downloads

Clone repo

git clone -b 5.0.5	

This is the one and only upgrade and migration path to the new code base.
The 5.0.x development branch is reserved mainly for this purpose.

All users should upgrade.

News Archive

by WikiAdmin

Also available in Русский


  • Site repaired after big spammer's attack. Now anonymous editing disabled.


  • Version R4.2 released. We recommend all users to upgrade. It can be downloaded here.


  • We are planning next release (R4.2) in next two weeks. You could help us to achieve that milestone by updating message set of some particular language you know well. Up-to-time versions of language packs are available at Send results to


  • If you wish to support WackoWiki development team, help them either to keep up product development or hosting, you could make a donation


  • WackoWiki CVS repository moved to Subversion. Web-interface available, SVN URL and details can be found at Repository.


  • R4 released. It`s the long-awaited version, we work on it more than one year. We recommend all users to upgrade. It can be downloaded here.


  • R4 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) released. We recommend all users of R4 beta versions to upgrade. RC1 can be downloaded here.



  • Spanish translation added (many thanks to Luis Muniz). Moldavian translation (not finished yet) added - many thanks to Igor Vasilcovsky.


  • R4 beta2 released. Please, help with testing. It can be downloaded from WackoBeta.


  • We celebrate our first anniversary. Thereby beta-testing of WackoWiki R4 has begun. Hurray!


  • Our new URL: Please, change your links and bookmarks.


  • We are still alive. We have two new translation (Italian and Polish).
To all those who are interested in the fate of R4: it will be inevitably. But it is not clear when. I need to finish the multilingual version and upload it, but I don't have time. It mostly goes to NPJ, continuing and developing the ideas of WackoWiki.
So if you want very good version, you can use the CVS-version. Details in the document Repository, but just remember that it should be put on top of R3.5 and do not forget to change the database.


  • Code in Repository was severely updated. DB structure was changed. Instruction for altering DB is published here -- but there is no need of doing so unless you want to upgrade up to CVS version. Otherwise, just wait for R4.



  • We make some further changes of DB structure. Don't use CVS.


  • Based on Formatter for Easy Language of Yuri Makarov a formatter for language syntax SQL.



  • You will not believe, but released R3.5. Compared to the R3:
    • HIGHLIGHTS: Fixed several XSS-holes, hole to the removal of GET-request and Information Disclosure Vulnerability..
    • Realized delete comments.
    • Implemented renaming pages.
    • Now post comments on the email to users who "watch" page.
    • Those people who "watch" the page is sent simple diff.
    • Created formatters icq, icq_m and icq_l to log chat interviews. Called for %%(icq_m) ... %%.
      • icq, icq_m, icq_l - ICQ, Miranda (nConvers), ICQLite respectively
    • Admins can delete (but not watch) any page.
    • User Groups and interwiki-links have been case insensitive.
    • The new addresses (URLs) - with underlining and capital letters.
    • A variety of sort of MyPages.
    • Handler referrers has also been shown BackLinks.
    • Macros to substitute your user name and date.
    • Improved diff.
    • Strong acceleration of building pages from the cache formatted text.
    • Removed syntax lists with tilde. Tilde is now only the arrangement of screens Linking WikiNames.
    • You can now embed the anchor in a page and refer to them.
    • new Syntax ??text??: text.
    • Improve the appearance of a number of Action.
    • Returned and improved Action LinksTree.
    • New configuration file options: url_underscrores, show_spaces and show_datetime.
    • In the HTTP-header page is added the time of its last update.
    • Fixed numerous bugs, including broken BackLinks in CVS-version.
  • WackoWiki R3.5.



  • Prepared for release R3.1 - BugFix Release.


  • WackoWiki R3.
  • IMPORTANT - If you have version preR3, that is, from CVS, do not use upgrader. He could not know how, and that has changed in your database structure, as compared with R2.


  • Only a week delayed:)


  • All sorts of minor edits.
  • Test web access to CVS. There's also download the current tarball give, but you still do not download, tomorrow will be R3.


  • Introduced syntax for inserting text into pictures that are located in images: ((k.gif text for alt and title)) (of course, also works with the square brackets). Example: text for alt and title?.


  • At 23 - April 24, assigned to output R3. Work is in progress.


  • Heavily rewritten CacheLinks(), to request the page has been sharply lower. Their costs.


  • Fixed a number of seriously mistakes in optimization.
  • The new parameter of the Include action is nowarning. Setting it to 1 does not display a notification when you call Include for a page you can't access.
  • The new configuration file option allow_rawhtml - if it is set to 1, the syntax works <# #> (see RawHTML). Otherwise, this syntax does not work. Thus, a large hole is closed, and let the door without a key. In the R4 will be dangerous HTML'ya parser.
  • Minor internal changes: ToC redesigned to <div> 'ah. LONGREGEXP became constant. setlocale () is called only once.


  • Fixed a lot of small bugs in the formatter. :-(( Now double smileys work without being replaced by links. :))
  • Made three optimization of Wacko Performance. Dramatic increase in speed is not visible, in contrast to the size of the database. Although you know better.
  • Much to ask - if you find bugs, report, there is no certainty that the midnight beer sucked, I wrote a 100% bugs free code.
  • Added to the formatter, the ~ character, which, if it is put in front of ~ WikiName, to make sure that it does not get linked.
  • Added tables, which are displayed without a border - the opening tag #||.


  • Made cache ACL.
  • Removed preview, as inappropriate and unnecessary.
  • When changes in the "observed" page will be sent notification by email.
  • Double quotes have changed their meaning, see RawHTML.
  • Full support switched off mod_rewrite.
  • A number of bug fixes.



  • Added support for clusters, with all the charms of relative addressing. More information is available at ShVAK, which is not yet available. But will soon be available. Is now available.
  • Accordingly, there was a navigation bar AKA BreadCrumbs (in the default skins is not included)
  • Added action which automatically build a table of contents (TableOfContents) on the basis of markup subtitles.
  • Pages marked with partially restricted access "key" - NPJ / WikiName example.
  • A lot of fixes in a WackoTypografika.


  • Everything is now able to Wacko skins / themes
    • that it has brought us, written in the news from 04/10
  • In cvs is more or less usability of code, but testing continues.


  • Came up with "Themes". In CVS, on the subject are absolutely non-working version yet.


  • Are working on testing a large number of changes from Kuso lying in CVS.
  • Construction of a documentation.


  • Raised WackoCVS: , module wacko. Use at your own risk.


  • Repaired cache and fix minor bug in the formatter.


  • icons for Wacko


  • Entered into an icon for a lot of edits from KusoMendokusee
    • Typography - is replaced by a long dash and so on.
    • Typography in user preferences.
    • Links to the closed padlock icon marked pages.
    • In reference substituted the modification page, which combined with a different color for visited / unvisited page leads to greater usability.
    • It's in the settings of the user.
    • Insensitivity to the register and WikiName Xlat.
    • Fix that worked InterWiki-Russian links in MSIE.
  • Closed hole associated with the ability to insert JavaScript in [[...]]


  • Expedited preservation of pages, a number of small fixes including the letter e.



  • Fully complete Russification, thanks to YuliaShabunio.
  • On the links on those pages that you will not be shown due to ACLs, put class = "denied". It remains to write CSS. Thank YuliaShabunio.
  • A full description of all available actions, see Actions.
  • Installed patch WakkaWiki: UserBookmarks, now the top menu set by the user.
  • Show any gaps and Language rendered in the user settings.


  • Fixed a problem with the letter e. Spaces in a WikiNames replaced by unbreakable.
  • Added a big change from YuliaShabunio: Infrastructure for i18n, ie support and interface translation of all messages in any language Wiki.
  • Already there are two translations: en and ru.
  • Action Tree improved: added parameters. For details, see /Doc/English/Actions.


  • Installed patch WakkaWiki: NodeWatching. Pay attention to the link at the bottom of each page Watch and the new action {{MyWatchesPages}} and {{MyChangesWatches }}.


  • Spaces in a WikiName.


  • Highlighting now works not only as two apostrophes, but as two exclamation points: Example
  • The tables are labeled with suitable CSS.
  • Strikethrough is now a multi-line again.
  • Changed code formatters and php, see the result on the page WackoSyntax.
  • The parentheses are now working as the square. We look forward to Cuso describe how they should work.
  • If you put in the wiki URL, showing the picture, then after saving the image to be seen.
  • External links are now separate CSS and target = _blank. We need an icon. AlekseyKulakovVoteWanted.
  • Now in MSIE when editing textarea delivers not 100%.
  • Now slash "/" - full of wiki name. Hence, already close to "cluster".
  • Installed patch WakkaWiki: WakkaAliases. Given group (alias) NetProject and OverSite.


  • new action {{include page = "PageName" nomark = "0 or 1"}}
  • Action SearchFor, TopicSearch and Include no longer pay attention to the key parameter.
  • print version (needed for her own css)


  • Fixed problems with Russian language and action games SearchFor TopicSearch


  • if the list at the beginning of the document - the first element is not processed - fixed.


  • H1-H6 =-tags now work only, if they begin with the string (or before them since the beginning of lines are found only separators).
    Motivation: The heading should begin on a new line anyway. benefit:
    1. single equals can be used
    2. there are no bugs with using double/triple = (in c, and php jscript they mean something)
  • -- converted, if the right / left of it is not a separator (i.e. crossed out but -- not crossed ), it allows you to use a double disadvantage
  • TheTwoCharacters rule applies only within a single line. This allows to limit markup to the content area and additionally improve all sorts of small niceties on the intended use of such characters. Exceptions: two apostrophes, two quotation marks.


  • Empty the changes are not saved now (Edit - Save without editing).


  • The macro for word is heavily modified to be able to do --strikethrough and multi-level lists. See MacrosForWord.


  • Action >>center<<
  • Diff replaced by another, more feature-rich. Old, you can still call.
  • Found in the network macro for Word, which converts text into Wakka-markup. Not perfect, but it is a base for further development.
  • Added action {{tree}}. If anyone needs it, I can add the root page for the tree and the depth of the tree to its settings.
  • Added gzip-compressed, Wacko was just flying.
  • SearchFor and TopicSearch copied to the new syntax: {TopicSearch topic="npj"} and {SearchFor phrase="example"}
  • All contents MyChanges type and Index again learned to understand the Russian alphabet
  • Wakka updated to version 0.1.2, and therefore
    • added to any RSS
    • added InterWiki, including Google: search and a bunch of other things, see WakkaWiki: InterWiki
    • type references prevrashatsya stopped in italic, and began to turn into links
    • XHTML1 basic compliance (except that the bloat in formatters)
    • added the ability to turn off the commentary in general config
    • added: ACLs in the symbol § means - access only for registered users
    • Fixed several problems with the ability to still read the page on which you have no right to read
    • added a new action BackLinks. Kuso, you will like it
    • added markup ''selection'': selection (this is an apostrophe)


  • Russian translation of a wiki name in bijective Translit


  • Added removal of pages
  • Supported by the standard syntax lists
  • Posted strikethrough
  • Added table
    syntax details, see WackoSyntax
  • Headers are now working on the contrary, see WackoSyntax
  • Added action TopicSearch. Example usage: {{TopicSearch topic = "npj"}}
  • Added an alert to when you try to switch to edit ACLs are not preserved text.
  • Click 'Save' and others now have sveerhu and editing window.
  • Underlined is now part of the wiki address.

Russify and extended top menu.

Sandbox to test your formatting efforts.

Added service pages LastUsers, PageIndex.
Added action SearchFor. Example:
{{SearchFor phrase="example"}}

Added as actions MyPages and MyChanges:

  • {{mypages}}
  • {{mychanges}}