If you want to reference the WackoWiki project in your slides, blog post, etc. you can use the following resources.

Naming Conventions

Linking to WackoWiki

If you'd like to link to our webpage, please link to

Please do not link to This is our landing page, and it could change in the future, resulting in broken links.


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Logo graphics

Below are a selection of official logos. You can download and use them on your Websites, Blogs or anywhere else you see fit. We are working to expand this selection, including more formats and designs. If you have an idea or suggestion, let us know.

WackoWiki Logo mammut mascot


Note to publishers: If you intend to host our files on your server, please instead consider linking to this page. It will help us prevent spreading of obsolete versions, which we believe is critical when software is concerned. Thank you.



  1. temporary available (keeps only the latest version)
  2. permanent available (all releases, including community folder)