WackoWiki: Screenshots

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Here you will find some screenshots that are useful to get started with WackoWiki.

1. Home Page

WackoWiki Welcome Home

2. Logged in

WackoWiki Page handlers

3. Create a new Page

WackoWiki Create New Page

4. Edit and Preview a Page

WackoWiki R6.1 Edit Preview

5. Permissions

WackoWiki Permissions [access control lists]

6. Page Properties

6.1. General

WackoWiki General Page Properties

6.2. Extended

WackoWiki Extended Page Settings

7. User Settings

7.1. General

WackoWiki General User Settings


WackoWiki Menu User Settings

7.3. Notifications

WackoWiki Notifications User Settings

7.4. Extended

WackoWiki Extended User Settings

8. Upload a File

9. Compare page revisions

compare page revisions

show side by side diff between revisions

show inline diff between revisions

10. Comment a Page

WackoWiki Comments

11. Categories

Screenshot: WackoWiki R5.5 Assign Categories

12. Administration

12.1. Appearance

appearance settings module

12.2. Upload

attachment settings module

12.3. Email

Admin panel: Email settings

12.4. Notifications

default settings for notifications