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===3.1	The laboratory===

The **name** and **address** of the service responsible for providing the test result to the requesting practitioner must be provided. 

It is recognized that samples may be forwarded to another laboratory for analysis, but the referring laboratory remains responsible for the provision of the test result. The transcription of complex genetic results by referring laboratories is discouraged, and a copy of the original report from the referral laboratory should be provided to the requesting practitioner.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the laboratory’s accreditation by NATA/RCPA and compliance with regulatory requirements be noted on test reports. In some situations, the lack of compliance with such requirements must be indicated on the report. For example, if reports routinely include NATA/RCPA endorsement and the report details a result which is not covered by the laboratory’s scope of accreditation, the statement "NATA/RCPA accreditation does not cover the performance of this service" must be included [NATA 2007]. If the laboratory issues a report of a test that has not been validated , then the report must include the statement, “The test used has not yet been validated to the current NPAAC standards and results should be interpreted accordingly” [NPAAC 2007a].

The test report should identify the laboratory, or unit within the laboratory, that provided the test result, as well as the contact details of the pathologist or scientist responsible for liaison with the referring practitioner.

If the accreditation status of the testing laboratory differs from that of the referring laboratory, this must be stated in the report. 

====3.1.3	TITLE OF REPORT====
There should be a title or some other indication of the beginning of the report.

====3.1.4	REPORT STATUS====
The status of report must be clearly identified. Any discrepancy between an interim and final report, or between a final and amended report, must be highlighted in the report.

=====	 Possible field values=====
  * Interim Report
  * ADDENDUM to Final Report
  * AMENDED Final Report.

===3.2	The patient===
The patient must be identified by at least two names, typically surname and the given name.