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We should write a short walk through later for other users.

The following issues must be solved:
  1. Access to the Admin panel
  2. E-mail settings in the Admin panel, so your WackoWiki can send outbound messages properly.
  3. E-mail confirmation for your account, so you are able to receive e-mails, which is also the prerequisite to reset your password.

Once your  e-mail settings work again, you can reset also your forgotten password for your first account.

To get access the Admin panel you must set the ##recovery_password## first.
Please follow the steps described here: ((/Doc/English/AdminPanel Create a Recovery-Password))

If you get the following message, despite you already set the ##recovery_password##, you probably have forgot to delete the old cached config file:
Note: The absence of an administrative password is threat to security! Enter your password in the configuration file and run the program again.

Delete the old cache file under ##cache/config/config.php##. You can do this with your second admin account using the ##~{{admincache}}## action.

Now access the Admin panel and configure your email settings. (please improve the documentation and translation in your language if something is missing or not well described)