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To narrow down the error source:

%%PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: int - string in /wiki/handler/page/edit.php:148 %% 

The following lines throwing the Fatal error because of the missing config value.

((source:master/src/handler/page/edit.php handler/page/edit.php)) #Line 148
// check text length
if ($text_size > $this->db->max_page_size)
	$message = Ut::perc_replace(
		'<code>' . number_format($text_size - $this->db->max_page_size, 0, ',', '.') . '</code>');
	$this->set_message($message , 'error');
	$error = true;

This check is not critical, so you can comment out the entire if {} enclosure or you add the missing parameter to your config array.

The config array is created by reading first the config_defaults.php then the config table, and it merges both arrays so that every parameter present in the config table replaces the default values. This config array is then written in the _cache/config/ folder.

Now if a parameter is missing, then it is neighter in the config_default.php nor the config table, or the cached config still has the old values and must be updated.

((source:master/src/config/config_defaults.php  config_defaults.php))
'max_page_size'					=> 2048 * 1024,	

You can add it by hand or copy the linked version into your config folder.