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Call - invoke.

Wiki ((/Doc/English/Actions actions)) are scripts that you can embed in any page by using the following syntax within a page: ##~{{actionname}}##

For instance, if you call up the ((/WhatsNew Whats new)) page and look at the ((/WhatsNew/source wiki text)), you will see ##~{{whatsnew}}##.
Another very simple example can be found here: ((/Dev/PatchesHacks/GetIP))

Now you only need to insert the name of the action with the associated parameters into a new or existing page (via edit page), in your case just ##~{{admin_recovery}}##.

Save the page and you will see the form for creating the recovery password, if you're logged in as an Admin (member of the Admins group). 

See also ((/Doc/English/Markup WackoWiki Markup -> Concept of Actions)).