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You can transfer the tables and the user related files with the Backup and Restore module in the Admin panel.
The source and the target version of WackoWiki should be the same.

Steps in Admin panel
  1. Backup module: Run an backup of the entire wiki including the files.
    1. ensure that the folder ##file/backup/## exists and is writable
    1. The backup is stored under ##file/backup/[date_time]##.
    2. file:/backup_database_en.png
  1. Move the folder to your new installed wiki and put it at the same location, e.g. ##file/backup/##
    2. file:/backup_transfer_sftp_en.png
  1. Restore module: Run restore.
    2. file:/restore_database_en.png

A more detailed **((/Doc/English/Backup Backup and Restore guide))** will follow with the next release. Please read the section about the Admin panel in the ((/Dev/Release/R5.5/ReleaseNotes release notes)).