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Hi Witchi,

this depends highly on the scope, volume, your WackoWiki version and the related data like acls, users, files.
For example one can add an extra field to the page table to mark all pages you want to export and delete afterwards via SQL script.

I suggest to export the entire database and wiki folder to an local machine (less restrictions). 

Suppose you use WackoWiki R4.3.
  A. ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade Upgrade your local copy to R5.0)) using the (( 5.0 branch repo head)) (wacko/ folder)
    * Run the entire post-upgrade migration routines
    * If you discover some issues, please take notes. Patches welcome, commit access can be granted.
  B. ((/Dev/Release/R5.5/Upgrade Upgrade to R5.5))
  C. Remove all unwanted clusters, pages and users via remove page handler and the user module in the Admin panel.
    * The remove handler will take care of all related meta data.
  D. Move your local Wiki and database after testing to the new destination.
    * You can use the Export / Import module in R5.5. to do that.
  E.  Remove all unwanted clusters and pages via remove page handler in your original Wiki

In the future the export / import module as well as the content_page module in the ((/Doc/English/AdminPanel Admin panel)) will help to ease the process. The content_page module is not yet functional.