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The former usage of **((/Dev/Projects/Translit Transliteration))** had two purposes, one of which has been omitted with UTF-8.

	[\u0100-\u7fff] remove;

It is not suited as ##supertag## because it is not unique:
same translit result -> wabisabi

It is not suited for validation, but it can be used for normalization or sanitization for filenames, usernames, search or slugs. Therefore the ##supertag## and the page tag transliteration has been removed, because the page ##tag## must be **unique**.

What worked within a specific charset for a language no longer works with Unicode. 

For old backlinks you can create redirects in your .htaccess file or add pages with redirects. Furthermore the **page tag** is now also ((/Dev/Release/R6.0/BinaryTag accent and case-sensitive)).