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Do you want copy the IRI for the recent page or a random link in the page? 
Do you need the IRI as reference in a email, other application or database?

Till we find a common solution, I suggest you can copy the IRI from the address bar of the browser. I also found some browser plugins which transform the URI into the IRI format. Isn't the IRI format conversion a much more common issue? From the user's point of view, the conversion to **IRI** and **IDN** format mainly serves the readability of the link. 

*| IDN | Punycode |*
|| ##~https://яндекс.рф## | ##~https://xn--d1acpjx3f.xn--p1ai## ||
(( Internationalized domain name))

The sitemap.xml and the canonical link use the IRI format. Some search engines show the IRI formatted link others only the URI. It will take some time before we get a bigger picture, until then we can share our insights, workarounds and best practice. I hope for some feedback on how this has been solved elsewhere.

Regarding WackoWiki we must evaluate where we can (optionally) use the IRI format without breaking the application.

IRI format
  * numerated links in print handler
  * sitemap.xml
  * canonical link