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**1. Does the wackowiki engine support Bootstrap 5?**

((/Dev/Projects/Templatest Templatest)) does not give you any restrictions on what you can or cannot do.
Remapping all engine and WackoFormatter related CSS classes might be some challenge.

**2. Is it necessary to define all the languages ?**

Not really, but we haven't implemented a fall-through to the default language yet. This was prior to Unicode not really an option. In the worst case the message set ##$this->_t('OnlyInThisTheme')## or ##[ ' _t: OnlyInThisTheme  ' ]## returns ##null## for lets say Finnish.

**3. Can I create my own configuration file for the theme?**

Yes, this is possible. The theme config file overrides the default values. You should be able to set your own config-options as well as overwriting existing ones.

// bootstrap theme options =========
$this->db->revisions_hide_cancel = 1;
$this->db->site_desc  = 'Bootstrap Theme for WackoWiki';
$this->db->footer_inside = 0;

// ============================
$theme_translation = [
	'EditIcon' => '...',
	'' => '',