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I could not figure out why the database was freaking out.
> I uninstalled Wacko, IPS and XAMPP and restarted my computer
> Reinstalled XAMPP to "F:/ff" ++//(My community will be called "Forgotten Freedom"//)++ and restarted again
> Moved WackoWiki files from the archive to "F:/ff/wiki
> Changed **htdocs/wiki/config/constants.php** %%
const CACHE_SESSION_DIR     = '/tmp'; %% to %%const CACHE_SESSION_DIR     = '/ff/tmp'; %%
>> //++I also changed "const PHP_ERROR_REPORTING" to 6 in the same file++//
> and changed **php/php.ini** %%;extension=intl %% to %%extension=intl %%
> restarted my computer and used FireFox (64 bit) to go to "localhost/wiki" to start the instructions
> Went through the rest of the set up process

Since this is on my local machine, and I am the only one that uses my computer I didn't feel it necessary to remove the write privileges to the Wacko folders.

This install was successful.  I now see the WackoWiki front page on my localhost domain

Next step is to reinstall IPS.  Wish me luck, I hope it doesn't break anything now.