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This is an encoding issue,  caused by either your PHP/server or database settings. 

What is the PHP version on your new server?
What is the encoding of your new database and tables?

It is likely you're using a PHP version bigger than 5.3 on your new server. With PHP 5.4 the default encoding changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. 
In (( PHP 5.4)) the ##default_charset## is set to UTF-8 by default, and this change is not taken into account in versions prior to  WackoWiki R5.4.x.

Please switch your PHP version to 5.3.x or upgrade your WackoWiki to a newer version.
  * ((/Org/Support Supported WackoWiki versions))
  * ((/Org/Tools/Hosting/TestServer Local Test Server))
    * e.g. with (( XAMPP with PHP 5.2))