Log Events


log events into a system journal

config table settings

  • log_purge_time
    • Remove event log over a given number of days.
  • maint_last_log
    • timestamp of last maintenance -> purge
  • log_default_show
    • The minimum priority events displayed in the log by default in the admin panel
  • log_level
    • The minimum priority of the events recorded in the log

Log event

// e.g.
$this->log(1, $engine->_t('LogAdminLogout', SYSTEM_LANG));	

* log messages should use the config default language in the _t function else we got mixed language log messages

Logged actions:

1 critical

  • admin action, object deletion, suspected hacking attempt

2 highest

  • locking, acl change, unsuccessful user login

3 high

  • page renaming/moving/splitting/merging, user password change/reminder, successful user login

4 medium

  • page creation (settings change), poll action, file upload, pm sending, user registration and email activation, page ownership claim

5 low

  • comment posting, user logout

6 lowest

  • page edit, user settings update

7 debugging

  • everything, where logging is necessary