Syntax for Table Header

Author: SATtva


Tables should also have THs

Implementation Notes

works only horizontal wise, hack was back ported from openSpace fork

  • Syntax

*|heading 1|heading 2|heading 3|*
||cell 1-1|cell 1-2|cell 1-3||
||cell 2-1|cell 2-2||

  • CSS class
  • .usertable
  • table.usertable tr th


Implementation Log

  1. updated at svn r285
  • Implemented but I consider this feature as experimental (users are not encourage to use it except for testing - syntax might be changed) until we got enough feedback - mostly about the syntax. If approved I will update also the formatting documentation.

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Please provide feedback

Last year I thought a lot about Wacko syntax improvements. Table markup is most inconsistent with other syntax, most unfriendly to the end-user, regarding to WYTIWYG philosophy.

My suggestion is:

#| cell 1 | cell2 | cell 3||
next row cell 1 | cell 2 | cell 3 |#

#|== heading cell 1 | heading cell 2 | heading cell 3 ==||
data cell 1 | data cell 2 | data cell 3 |#

#|== heading cell 1 ==| then not |== then heading again ==||
data cell 1 |== heading is possible here too ==| next data cell |#

Don't know how could it be implemented with current WackoWiki regexp-based parser.

Because double = char is the part of |== ==| cell markup, there will no intersection with enclosed heading chars.

The next mind is about a heading inside the table. Well-formed Wacko document should not contain first level heading anywhere and inside the table too.

This also related to the subject of separate title field. When the document has a title, it should be automatically rendered as first level heading, and the document itself should not contain manually entered == Heading 1 ==. Or, when it contains, manually entered == Heading 1 == has priority above the title field and should replace it value, because the source code has priority everywhere.

WikiAdmin /29.10.2010 20:17/ did you seen the WikkaWiki table syntax? here ... And to which extent it is desirable to 'rebuild' the HTML syntax?

This behavior is default for MediaWiki (except of source code priority), and some of it was or planned in original WackoWiki, IMHO, because WikiEdit had no H1 button.

WikiAdmin /29.10.2010 20:17/ but didn't we introduced the 'title' field for this [puzzled]

Therefore every document has two independent attributes: id (with path) and title. Id is used as address of the document, but title should be rendered automatically everywhere in auto-generated lists, page indexes, etc. No more ids in the end-user's text!

WikiAdmin /29.10.2010 20:17/ with 'id' you mean 'tag' or 'page_id'? The issue with the title is that it's not unique - so different pages can have the same title and therefore you cant identify a page via the page title (alone) -> see also SeoFriendlyUrl

For multi-language wikis, id could be in default wiki language (usually English), but title would be in user's language. This is the simplest way to standardize document locations and for the language-independent single instances of service pages, like login. Next step is the separated cluster for those pages, linked
with prefix, for example, ((service:Login)).

Hence CamelCase no more needed and should be removed from WackoWiki features.

WikiAdmin It is now disabled by default (see Admin panel -> Formatter).

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